Dear Mr. Bacca, My name is Josh Hobbs and i go to The London Nautical school. I am writing to talk and ask some questions. In my English class my teacher introduced us to one of your poems and we have been reading it for a few lessons. While we have been reading it we […]

“The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” is a book (written by Sherman Alexie) about a boy named Junior and how he lives his life. Junior lives his on the Spokane reservation,he lives with his mum,dad,sister and his grandmother. Junior is arguably the most important character in the book “the absolutely true diary of a part-time […]

The film in going to be reviewing is teenage mutant ninja turtles. This film is one of my favourite films I’ve ever watched because she I was younger I wanted to be like them. In the film the ninja turtles are turtles that like to help everyone and they save the day. My favourite turtle […]

The book that I’m going to be doing my journal about is big nate. This book is about a boy that wants to go and live his dream by being a rockstar himself and his friends had been to see his favourite band of their lives (I forgot the bands name) Nate had some of […]

Felix is a boy who lives in an orphanage, he enjoys telling Stories and has a very imaginative imagination. His stories help to cheer people up when they are sad as he can make up stories any time at any place. His parents were polish book sellers who owned a book shop. Whilst in the […]

In the story once my favourite character is Zelda because she is bossy and very funny when she says do you not know anything. Also she is my favourite because she is only young and thinks she knows everything that is my speech.

when the Jews got to the concentration camp there heads got shaved and they had to were certain clothes. They were told that if they had children their children would be killed on the spot. In concentration camps they were often scilent. In the camps they weren’t aloud to take any thing.